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HH Apothecary



Before you Visit

HH Apothecary & Wellness

Safety Is Our Priority

Covid 19-Precautions 2022

  • Stay 6ft away apart - all mats and designated spaces are 6ft or more apart.
  • Masks must be worn at all times within the offices. waiting areas, restrooms, etc. We offer masks, for use, during sessions that are 100% cotton. A breathable,, bleachable material that allows respirations for exercise. *Please place in dirty receptacle upon exiting the studio.
  • Please leave all personal items, that are NOT essential, in your car. We recommend that all bags, purses, etc. be left in the car or at home.
  • Complete all paperwork, payments, etc., via internet, phone, before entering our space. Participation Packet (BELOW) must be filled out in advance for all fitness sessions!
  • Temperature checks.
  • Please do not enter the facility any more than 5 minutes before your scheduled session. We do have a waiting room/rooms, but we ask that you enter just in time for class - no loitering in common areas.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know!

Wipes: We provide disinfectant wipes - Wipe down all equipment before and after use!

Hand Sanitizer: We provide hand sanitizer while you are at the facility. Please use before entering, and before you touch any of the facilities equipment. 

Water Bottles: We recommend that you use disposal water bottles or bring your bottle from home. We will not be refilling any bottles. We do have disposal water bottles for all participants. We also have refillable water bottles for purchase, that you can continue to bring on your next visit. 

Mats: We recommend that you bring your OWN mat. We have mats available for use, we disinfect after every participant. We will also ask you to disinfect your mat before and after use. We also have mats available for purchase.

Towels: We are not providing towel service during Covid-19 precautions REDZONE. We recommend that you bring a towel from home, if desired.


Plan to be on time! Don't be surprised! If you are more than 10 minutes late, the door may be locked.

Our goal is to simply escape. No phones allowed in the studio/ classroom. Silent and put away. 

Read precautions! Wash Your Hands! Use sanitizer! Cough or sneeze in your sleeve!  Common Sense!

 That is simple - Do NOT enter - if you have a hint of illness!

Proper attire expected. Clean athletic shoes in the classroom, no outdoor shoes allowed!

Do not disturb thy neighbor - common courtesy!

Disinfect everything before you touch it and after you touch it!  Dirty little hands spread germs! 

If you have any questions! Please feel free to ask!

Participation Packet must be filled out in advance before attending any fitness session!

Participation Packet